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Serenata 'The reviews are in'!

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

My 2020 recording release "Serenata" has not had a formal "live" performance launch, but the reviews by music critics are in. I thank all the reviewers! If you would like a CD copy with download card of the recording you can purchase using the button below:

Listen on Sportify:

Pizzicato Journal by Remi Franck "Her playing does not stop at elegance and fluid virtuosity, she manages to let the music sound wonderfully rich in nuances. She gives each piece an unmistakable character and thus fascinates the listener for an hour. Serenata is one of the most beautiful harp CDs I have ever heard, and it will melt every heart."

Harp Column Magazine by Alison Young

"Caroline Léonardelli utterly inhabits the serenade, as if singing rather than playing below an ivy-covered balcony." "Léonardelli’s legato would be the envy of any singer, and her ability to suck us into the shadowy chiaroscuro atmosphere is wondrous." Full Review:

The Whole Note Magazine by Tiina Kiik "Léonardelli performs them all with subtlety, virtuosity and incredible dedication." "Léonardelli is an expressive, smart, devoted harp soloist." Full Review:

Classical Music Sentinel by Jean-Yves Duperron

"Once again, with highly variant degrees of dynamic shading, Caroline Léonardelli shapes and colors the melodies with expressive touches from start to finish. I've always found her to be one of the few harpists who can bring out the harp's manifold personalities and attributes. She seems able to alter the character of her instrument based on the piece at hand."

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