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Serenata - Recording Release

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Serenata, my final project, features Italian repertoire and represents the final aspect of my heritage (El Dorado and Impressions de France addressed my French and Canadian background). I am very excited about how the recording sessions turned out and want to share the music! Review of Serenata in Pizzicato by Remy Franck

"Caroline Léonardelli has a perfect command of the timbres and expressive shades of her instrument and combines this with an extremely rich creative imagination. Her playing does not stop at elegance and fluid virtuosity, she manages to let the music sound wonderfully rich in nuances. She gives each piece an unmistakable character and thus fascinates the listener for an hour. Serenata is one of the most beautiful harp CDs I have ever heard, and it will melt every heart." Full review:

CBC Radio-One Interview May 8th 2020

Serenata features compositions by Luigi Tedeschi, Giovanni Caramiello, and Alessandro Longo. The music is melodic and is immediately recognizable with operatic and traditional themes. Mainly from the late 19th and early 20th century the music has its roots from earlier periods. I research constantly for new gems and I found a wealth of Italian music that has been underappreciated and in may cases just recently made available in the past few years in the public domain. I want this music to be heard, Italy has a rich history regarding the harp that has not been fully recognized. Serenata Review by Jean-Yves Dupperon at the Classical Music Sentinel!

Quote from review: "Once again, with highly variant degrees of dynamic shading, Caroline Léonardelli shapes and colors the melodies with expressive touches from start to finish. I've always found her to be one of the few harpists who can bring out the harp's manifold personalities and attributes. She seems able to alter the character of her instrument based on the piece at hand."

Live Performance in Sherbrooke Quebec - Fall 2019

Sample from Serenata - Sonatine prodigio No. 3 Toccata by Virgilio Mortari

Available on: itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Quobuz, Amazon and others Purchase the CD here and it comes with a download card! I will mail it to you!

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