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Harp Lessons - Hong Kong

On-Line Lessons with a world class professional harpist!

Hello Hong Kong harpists!  I am an accomplished harpist as a performer, recording artist and teacher. I have many advanced students however do not limit myself to working with advanced performers.  Everyone begins somewhere no matter where they finish.  For those interested in advancing themselves on the instrument it is important to start out with strong technique and musicality as correcting later can be difficult and time consuming.  Many of my students have gone on to become professional harps, recording artists, and even composers.  Many others enjoy performing for their own enjoyment.


My recordings have received world wide critical acclaim, a JUNO award nomination for solo classical album of the year and apple music top listing feature on the harp.  I have toured extensively as a soloist and in ensemble.  As a teacher I have started and trained many of Canada's exceptional harpists..​​

Since I have offered online lessons students have come to me from Europe, United States and Asia.  Location is no longer the limiting factor.  Lessons can be at home, school, cottage or while travelling.  Time zone situations can be accommodated.  I have locations in Canada and Europe and spend time in each location.  Lessons are in English or French.

I welcome you to read my full biography and view my videos and listen to my recordings on line.








Testimonial - Leung from Hong Kong 

Caroline 是一個專業的豎琴老師,雖然我們是用線上形式上課,但她的專業能力無阻她的教學,她能清晰地指導我音準、拍子、音色、踏板轉換。在她的指導下,我覺得自己在手指靈活性上有進步,而且對於樂曲有新的領悟。她亦會按我的能力及強項揀選樂曲。



Translation - Caroline is a professional harp teacher. Although we take classes online this does not hinder her teaching. She can clearly guide me in pitch, time, timbre, and pedal switching. Under her guidance, I feel that I have improved my finger flexibility and gained a new understanding of music. She also chooses music based on my abilities and strengths.

In addition, Caroline is a very kind person, and it is very pleasant to attend class with her. She has clear goals to pursue, but there is not a lot of pressure. In addition, the teacher is very encouraging, so I am very happy to learn the harp. Caroline's guidance.

Customized program

Over my career I have developed an extensive repertoire by performance and recording. 
My solo recordings have received a JUNO award nomination and my exceptional critical acclaim.
If you are preparing for an exam, audition, competition, performance, or recording I can develop a program for you.
I have extensive experience in:

- Chamber performance with numerous instruments and ensemble formats

- Vocal soloists

- Choral programs - A Ceremony of Carols - Britten and Dancing Day - Rutter among others

- Solo harp - with numerous programs - solo recording in French, Italian, and Canadian repertoire

- Orchestral - excerpts and concertos

- Technique strengthening - French technique and hybrid 

Lessons with your ensemble partner or group is now facilitated by the virtual format.  

Coaching of duo or ensemble can have logistical challenges that virtual format alleviates. 

I can work with you on repertoire selection or programming options.  

Feedback Options

In person lessons have historically employed verbal feedback.

With the virtual format there are new options including:

- Video feedback on specific technique items

      Sharing video and audio file between myself and the student

- Highlighted markings on music via transfer

      Reinforcement of lesson details

- Virtual concerts

      I have regular group virtual concerts with my students

      Provides a connection with other harp students

      Allows family and friends to view

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