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Serenata - Upcoming Recording Release

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

In early 2020 I will be releasing my third and final solo harp performance recording. My first solo recording El Dorado featured compositions by Marjan Mozetich received exceptional reviews and a JUNO Award nomination for Classical recording of the year Solo or Small Ensemble. Impressions de France, my second project, featured repertoire from my French heritage and experiences at the Conservatoire de Paris. The recording was selected by Apple music editors for their select feature playlist for the harp and again was critically acclaimed. Serenata, my final project, will be Italian repertoire and represents the final aspect of my heritage. I am very excited about the recording sessions and cannot wait to share the music!

Serenata features compositions by Luigi Tedeschi, Giovanni Caramiello, and Alessandro Longo. The music is melodic and is immediately recognizable with operatic and traditional themes. Mainly from the late 19th and early 20th century the music has its roots from earlier periods. Regarding the selections Caroline says, "I research constantly and I found a wealth of Italian music that has been underappreciated and in may cases just recently made available with new publications". "I want this music to be heard, Italy has a rich history regarding the harp that has not been fully recognized, I hope this recording will in some way support change." I am planning release concert events throughout 2020! To make the performances at a full Italian event my wardrobe will be by Italian designers and manufactured in Italy. During the performances I will discuss the history of the composers and music. I want to share my heritage and my love of this music. Recording demo session excerpts:

Etude Impromptu - Luigi Tedeschi - Milan Conservatory

Rimembranza Di Napoli (Fantasie for harp) - Giovanni Caramiello - Naples Conservatory

Love the Italian dress designers! Lots of dresses made and designed in Italy. Multiple outfits for each performance.